A photographer’s journey from the Bluegrass of Kentucky to Silicon Valley and incredible landscapes around the world

With roots in Ohio and Kentucky, photographer Jason Liles has an innate affinity for the natural world. He’s enamored with forests, wildlife, and pristine landscapes, much like he was as a curious, free roaming child. As an adult, however, he lost touch with some of that wonder, falling victim to the stress and time constraints of a high pressure job. It wasn’t until he left the fast paced tech world behind, that his calling as a landscape photographer truly started to unfold.

After finishing college and moving to California, Jason began teaching himself to code. He was drawn to Silicon Valley, and arrived just in time for the meteoric rise of all things online. Despite the fact that his background was not in tech, Jason quickly picked up new skills and began to rise through the ranks. In 2014, Uber - which was at that time still a startup - came knocking at his door. They were on a mission to change the way people moved around cities, and Jason’s inquisitive, self starting attitude made him a perfect addition to the team.

Jason met his future wife and business partner Diana while working at Uber, and after several years on the grind, they were both ready to walk away and start anew. The couple took off on a year long adventure, camera in hand. They found the change of pace refreshing, and Jason reconnected with the sense of freedom and appreciation for the natural world he had experienced as a child.

It was there on the road that he discovered his talent for photography, and began creating compositions that captured the essence of the places he visited in vivid detail. His early work caught the attention of Delta Airlines, and inspired travelers through the airline’s ads and website homepage.

Together with his wife Diana, Jason started New American Fine Art to document and share the love of travel and help others find moments of clarity in their busy lives. To them, taking in the beauty of light and landscapes enlivens the senses in a way that only nature can.

Jason’s photography is sold exclusively at New American Fine Art.