Founded by a husband and wife duo who discovered natural landscapes were the key to rebooting from their overworked, tech driven lives

For Jason and Diana, leaving their demanding, high stress jobs and immersing themselves in nature was a game changer. The couple had met two years earlier while working at Uber, and the daily onslaught of emails and to-do lists seemed never ending. Taking a break from the notoriously fast paced tech industry and its expectations for 24/7 availability was the perfect reset for Jason and Diana, and the catalyst to start New American Fine Art.

Packing up and traveling the world for a year allowed the couple to get outside and soak up stunning natural landscapes from the Alps to the American West. Far removed from the intensity of the office, and free to simply be, Jason and Diana started to experience a shift. They felt rejuvenated, present, mentally fresh, and clear. And ironically, after a collective 17 years in tech, they were sharper and more creative than ever before. Not only was nature the perfect antidote to career burnout, the health impacts were becoming crystal clear.

After noting mental and physical changes from their time outside in the natural world, Jason and Diana couldn’t ignore how they felt. They had seen a positive shift firsthand, and wondered if others might benefit too. Curious about the impacts of beautiful landscapes on health, they began looking for studies that explained their experience.

They learned that spending time in nature, and even looking at realistic landscape photography, can have measurable rejuvenating effects. Study participants were reporting stress reduction, and an improvement in happiness and general quality of life. 

Simple as it may be, this revelation inspired Jason and Diana to help bring a little bit of nature into homes, offices, and everyday lives. They set out to share the transformative power of the natural world through stunning photos Jason had taken on their adventures. And with this humble mission in mind, New American Fine Art was born.

Landscape Therapy: Combating Stress the Natural Way

  • Stress has been called the "health epidemic of the 21st century" by the World Health Organization, and is estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year.1
  • Everyone should strive for at least 5 minutes of nature exposure a day. The first 5 minutes elicit the greatest improvements in mood and self-esteem.2
  • Looking at an awe-inspiring landscape in person or in photographic form has been shown to help us bounce back from stress, increase resiliency3, and boost mood.4